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Exclusive Interview: JHS Pedals

JHS Pedals has taken the boutique effects pedal industry by storm in recent years. In this interview, Six String Soul sits down with its founder, Josh Scott, to discuss how JHS pedals got its start, some of their collaborations and a review of some of their popular pedals, including some very unique utility pedals. Subscribe to the SSS guitar […]

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Exclusive Interview: Weber Speakers

Weber Speakers, now known as “Ted Weber’s Famous Loudspeakers” and arguably the modern era’s most influential guitar speaker manufacturer, is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the legacy started by late founder and vintage speaker connoisseur, Ted Weber. Ted’s son, TA Weber, has done a remarkable job continuing the company’s mission to provide the best possible tone and […]


Breaking Down the Differences of Martin Dreadnought Guitars

Dry. Deep. Bassy. Strong. Those are just a few words that describe these D-shaped “muscle” guitars that Martin bravely brought to the market many years ago (when smaller, more well-balanced acoustic guitars were favored). The guitars are aptly named after World War I era battleships, “Dreadnoughts” (source). They are big, loud and ready to take on […]

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101 Ways to Improve as a Guitarist

There is a concept called the aggregation of marginal gains, which is based on the principle that vast improvement can be achieved through continuous small improvements. When thinking of this concept in terms of guitar, we realize that there are nearly limitless opportunities to improve guitar playing, skills, tone…any aspect of guitar. Here’s 101 ways […]


Electric Guitar Setup Secrets from 12 Luthiers

If you’re a guitarist who likes to do your own electric guitar setup, then you’re in for a real treat. In this article, a collection of renowned luthiers/builders from some incredible electric guitar companies (Novax, Blindworm, Rickenbacker and more) each offer an insightful tip on how to set up electric guitars—covering topics like neck relief, nut and […]

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Molten Voltage OZ - Strymon TimeLine LOOPER CONTROLLER

MIDI Madness: Interview with Molten Voltage

As the boutique guitar pedal scene expands, we begin to see inventive builders push the limits beyond the typical overdrive, fuzz, distortion, modulation and time-based effects that have been put out over and over again. It even opens up for other types of pedals to be created…such as pedals that don’t actually make sounds themselves, […]


Interview with Jon Herington

Jon Herington has contributed incredible guitar work to legendary bands and artists over the years. With the likes of Steely Dan, Boz Scaggs and others, Jon’s bluesy guitar riffs have put his stamp on many classic rock and pop songs we’ve grown to love. In his latest album, Time on My Hands, Jon unleashes blues […]

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Weird, Unique Guitar Pedals to Inspire Ambient Creativity

For ambient guitarists, the endless search for new tonal inspiration can be a long and (sometimes) empty road. Months, if not years, go by where sonic discovery is stuck in a rut. Browsing the same online guitar stores and message boards brings no solution. A multitude of reverbs, delays and loopers with slightly different functions […]

The Most Popular Electric Guitar (Infographic) - Six String Soul

Which is The Most Popular Electric Guitar?

Ever since the electric guitar was invented in 1931, guitar makers have refined and recreated this glorious instrument as it launched rock and roll into quite possibly the most influential musical style the world has ever seen in such a short span of time. The electric guitar is at the heart of so many modern music styles […]


DLS Reckless Driver Review

There’s a new wreck in town, and it’s the DLS Reckless Driver. This new overdrive pedal is an incredibly versatile, “swiss army knife” dirt device that covers everything from rhythm to lead with its two channel setup. Dave Sestito, founder of DLS Effects, has offered to give away a brand new Reckless Driver to one lucky email […]


New Guitar Gear from Winter NAMM 2014

We’ve been keeping our eyes on the new guitars, amps and pedals coming out of Winter NAMM 2014 in Anaheim, CA. There’s some very cool gear coming out from the likes of Fender, Magnatone, Bogner, JHS Pedals…even new strings from Elixir. We break down some of the gear that perked our interest and also offer some […]


Acoustic Guitar Amplification Essentials

In recent weeks, we’ve set out to understand acoustic guitar amplification essentials by creating a high quality amplification system that can be recreated by any guitar player…using commonly available parts. Through this quest, we’ve explored various techniques for acoustic amplifiers, pickup impedance exploration and vocal amplification options as well. Below is the amplified acoustic guitar […]