Video Reviews of (Some) of the Best Guitar Compressor Pedals

The following are video demos of some of the best modern compressors on the guitar market, available either new or used. Most guitar compressors are modeled after the MXR Dynacomp, which the famous Ross Compressor was modeled after (and which it improved upon). Features to look for in a compressor are:

  • Low noise floor
  • Even sustain (no compressor pumping)
  • Ability to control the attack of your notes
  • True bypass
  • Overall mojo. Does the compressor serve your guitar tone?

Some of these pedals are also included in the popular Best Guitar Pedals and Essential Guitar Pedals articles, so be sure to check those out as well.

Diamond Compressor Video

Read our Diamond Compressor review for more information.

Analogman CompRossor Video

Analogman BiComprossor Video

Analogman Juicer Compressor Video

Keeley 4 Knob Compressor Video

Keeley Compressor 2 Knob vs. Rothwell Love Squeeze Video

MXR ’76 Vintage Dynacomp (Reissue) Compressor Video

Fuchs Plush Compressor Video

Video Reviews of (Some) of the Best Guitar Compressor Pedals by


  1. Big Boy says

    Along with my pedal board I need a tru bypass tuner pedal and I only use the GoGo pedal tuner by GoGo Tuners. Works great and doesnt alter my sound at all.

  2. david says

    How could you leave out the Janglebox Compressor? I have the smaller (non-deluxe) version and I love it for blues and for early 60’s Beatles type stuff mostly, but often use it with fuzz when playing Glimour/Floyd stuff. I feel it is better than half the ones you reviewed above. Although I love Diamond products (their delays are among my favorites), if I had to chose a 2nd to the Janglebox, it would be the 4 knob Keeley, which if I found one cheap enough I would buy as a back-up/extra. My 2 cents.

  3. says

    Hi David, yes the Janglebox is up there. This list of compressors were only “some” of the best compressors (per the title). I’ve played the Janglebox and thought it was only suitable for a small niche of styles. There’s been a lot of mixed reviews, mainly because I think people don’t realize (until they get the pedal) that’s not a very versatile compressor. But what it does (the jangle), it does better than anything. Thanks for the comment.

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