Small Tube Guitar Amp Kits

If you’re looking to build your first amp, you probably want to start small. Amps like theChamp, Deluxe or a Blues Jr are great starting points for Fender style amps. On the Marshall side a lot of 22W combo kits are available to help you get that low-wattage plexi tone. If you dig deeper, you can find some other British style amp kits.

Who Makes Small Tube Amp Kits?

There’s many companies making small tube guitar amp kits today, and they’re all high quality. Here’s a few from some very well-respected brands:

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Mojotone is known for making some of the best guitar amp parts such as cabinets, grill cloths, and…amp kits! Check out their Tweed style kits, Blackface style kits, Marshall style kits, special project amp kits, and even their Mojo Bedroom Amp Kit.

Weber Speakers

Ted Weber (RIP) was quite possibly the most well-respected man in the world of guitar speakers. He knew tone, he reproduced tone, and he innovated tone. The Weber kits are no different. Be sure to check out the Classic 50’s American Kits, Classic 60’s American Kits, Classic 60’s British Kits, Weber Original Kits, and Mod Kits.

Mission Amps

Bruce at Mission Amps is a class act, and helped Ben Fargen (of Fargen Amps) get his start in the boutique amp world. Bruce builds awesome amps, and also provides some very cool kits. Be sure to check out his Tweed 5E3 Chassis and Tweed 5E3 Combo kits.

Even more Small Tube Guitar Amp Kits

Need a Quick Solution? Buy a Small Amp

Sometimes the idea of building your own guitar amp fades as you realize the challenge ahead of you. Perhaps holding a soldering iron and reading a schematic for hours just isn’t your thing. That’s okay. There’s no rules. You might be better off just picking up an extremely well-built small tube guitar amp like a Swart, Fender Champ, etc. Here’s some currently available suggestions:

  • Victoria Amps
  • Swart Amps
  • Vintage Fender Champs