Guitar DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

Interested in DIY guitar gear projects like making your guitar pedals, building guitars or making your guitar amplifiers? Here’s an extensive list of “do it yourself” guitar equipment resources that will help you on your way. Many of them have their own online communities and some of them focus on selling parts. Be sure to bookmark this page and came back for more later. It’s going to be a long journey.

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The Ampage is a community and discussion forum for DIY enthusiasts who like to build guitars, amps, effects and even studio equipment. They offer a user gallery of homemade gear, links to schematics, detailed information on guitar amp tubes, sound clips and much more. It’s an old school site from the early days of the internet.

AMZ Effects

AMZ Effect is the classic website from Jack Orman that has helped DIY guitar gear enthusiasts from the earliest days of the internet. He offers all sorts of schematics for boost pedals, Big Muff fuzz pedal clones, a forum, books and more. This is one of the very first websites focused on schematics and DIY projects for the guitarists.

(The) Blue Guitar Page

The Blue Guitar is  Steve Ahola’s website, and he helps educated DIY guitar equipment aficionados better understand the electronic circuitry of both guitars and guitar amps.

This used to be the famous underground Aaron’s Stompbox Page, but is now DIY Stomboxes. They offer helpful links to a lot of schematics and other DIY pedal sites. Technologically-equipped guitarists can use the schematic sto fix broken pedals or create their own classic guitar pedal designs at a fraction of the cost.

General Guitar Gadgets

A user’s guide to building guitar effects that offers in-depth articles and schematics of popular guitar pedals. They offer all sorts of guitar pedal kits, circuit boards that are ready to solder, projects, tech pages and more.

GEO Effects

This vintage website (yep, there is such a thing now) is called GEO, which stands for the “Guitar Effects Oriented” website. It’s completely dedicated to helping DIY guitar gear enthusiasts learn how to build pedals and amplifiers.

Hoffman Amplifiers

Hoffman Amps is a great source for buying parts for amp building, like tubes, tube sockets, amp switches, chassis, output transformers, resistors and capacitors and more. They sell literally everything you need to build your own guitar amp.


PAiA Electronics has been around since the late 1960s and offers good quality but affordable kits for building electronic sound projects. Everyone from educational organizations to professional guitarists to hobbyists can buy kits from PAiA.

Parts Express

This company offers parts for building any sort of electronic DIY project like amps, pedals, speakers and more.

Pedal Parts Plus

Pedal Parts Plus offers a deep selection of electronic parts for building your own DIY guitar pedals. They sell everything (enclosures, jacks, knobs, capacitors, resistors, switches, wires…everything. Great resource for stocking up on effect pedal parts.

Small Bear Electronics

Small Bear is a really great resource for guitar gear DIY hobbyists that sells parts and materials for building nearly any type of guitar pedals. They buy and sell parts from around the world in order to have one of the best selections online. They also sell build parts to smaller boutique guitar pedal companies.

Stewart McDonald

Stewart-MacDonald is one of the oldest guitar equipment parts companies around. They got started back in the catalog days before the internet was around. Whether you need either a common rare tool or part to fix or build an electric guitar, acoustic guitar, amp or other gear…they probably have it. They also sell instructional material on how to build and repair guitar gear.

Vibro World

Vibro World sells amplifier hardware including handles, corners, casters, special bolts, nuts and washers, chassis, straps, knobs, preamp tubes, rectifier tubes, power tubes, miscellaneous and NOS tubes, and salvage tubes. They also stock newer vacuum tubes made by Ruby, Sovtek, Mojo-Tone and more. Great resource for guitar gear DIY fans.